Clouds and rocks

It is another glorious morning, as well as Renan’s birthday. There are big fluffy clouds in the sky, which is a new addition to the mornings past. I am the first one awake. I have made my coffee and and am enjoying the silence. I know that it won’t last long.

My body is a little sore and the skin on my hands is raw. My finger tips are pink. It hurts just to touch my warm coffee cup. This will be our third day of climbing in a row, and 6th day out of 7. Since this place is a relatively young climbing area, the rock hasn’t seen much travel and is abrasive. It is Limestone and is pretty varied. We have seen classic blue slabs and vertical walls to overhanging orange walls with tufa runnels and stalactites. It is Spring/Early Summer, and it is too hot to climb in the direct sun, so we have been seeking the shade. There is only one sector that gets shade all day long, so that is where we have been spending most of our time. It is called Trebenna. Although… today the clouds are out to play, so they might offer some shade to other zones.

Climbing area overview with our house marked


We are basically in the mountains on the road between Antalya and a small town called Geyikbayiri. We are staying in an amazingly beautiful, open European style house. It is part of a guesthouse/camping/restaurant/bar complex called Jo.Si.To. Another has joined our crew, Uncle Boone or Mr. Speed. That’s Boone Speed. He is another fantastically talented person that I am privileged to have in my life as a friend. He is a climber, a photographer, an artist, and fits right into the crew.

Mr. Speed

Uncle Boone with Trebenna in the distance

Our house

The lot is beginning to stir, and the silence is ending. I suppose that I’ll join them, and we’ll go play with the clouds and the rocks.