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Yuji Hirayama arrived from Japan a couple days ago to join the group. He is one of the most experienced and accomplished climbers ever. He has a soft voice, and deep eyes, and a permanent smile. He seems happy to be in our company, as we are to have him. He brought us a huge package of seaweed, as well as some green tea. At first we were all a bit surprised and skeptical, but we have been munching on the green paper from the sea nonstop. James Pearson arrived today. He is the last person to join us. He is a young, strong talent from the UK. He has an easy manner, but is outgoing with a youthful, fun spirit. The group dynamic is awesome. We have all been sharing information about our lives away from here, our homes and families. It is a very special thing to be with these people in this place, a rare opportunity. We have been living together, eating together, climbing together, day in and out. It is a simple rhythm. The days and dates mingle together, and all that is left is a time-lapsed flow and a feeling, contentment.

Seaweed and green tea straight from Japan

Eneko and Yuji


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