Luck on the water


We traveled to Olympos for the day. It is a coastal town to the west of where we are residing. There is climbing in the area, and most of the crew did a couple pitches. Afterwards, we went down to the beach. We visited the water at a beach of stones. There was no sand or dirt, only smooth, rounded rocks…many lucky rocks, the ones that feel good in your hand, and make you want to keep them. We watched the sun set at the beach, playing with the rocks. Throwing them into the sea, searching for the luckiest ones. There were a few restaurants near the shore, and we had dinner at one of them. It was a delicious meal of red wine, fresh salad, fish, and lamb by candlelight. We were just a couple hundred meters from the water. Close enough to hear the small waves rolling in and out. It all made for a fine day.

Lots of luck here




Fresh salad and red wine and the best company

Lamb chops and fresh fish

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