To Russia with Love

In the time before a big event there is  a building  up of preparation, energy, anticipation, excitement. The gaps in time between the small events and processes that compose the big event shrink as the date approaches. Tomorrow I depart to Russia, to Moscow for some touring and to Kirov for my first world cup climbing event, an ice WC. This event has been of particular complexity. Comp licensing and application and registration, plane tickets, health insurance, visa application, train tickets, hotel reservations. It has been an extensive build up. But, everything is in it’s place…including my passport… in the mail somewhere at this very moment to be delivered to me before 3:00pm today, just in time. I will be traveling with Andres Marin . His commitment and enthusiasm and motivation about this comp and trip made it an easy decision for me to join along. We fly tomorrow to Atlanta and then to Moscow. We’ll spend 2 days and a night there, and then take the Trans-Siberian railroad overnight approximately 1000 km to Kirov, where the comp is held. The comp is 3 more info

days long; qualifiers, semi-finals, and finals.  It will be a perspective expanding event and trip for me. I am trying to approach with zero expectations, and just hoping to absorb as much as possible. After the comp, we’ll hop back on the railroad to Moscow to spend a final day before departing home to the US. It’s a quick trip…just business. Although, I am really looking forward to having a few days in the Russian capital. It is the largest city in Europe and the 7th largest in the world, and supposedly one of the world’s most beautiful.

Do svidanya,

Do = until, Svidanya = meeting
“until we meet again” or  “goodbye”


Visa in passport

Sharpening my tools

Sunset over Vail



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