Turkey trip. Arrival.

We arrived late last night. Our travel took us from Denver to Frankfurt to Istanbul to Antalya. My companions are an amazingly talented trio, Renan Ozturk, Daniel Woods, and Emily Harrington. We all hail, coincidentally, from Boulder at the moment. We had a single rental car reserved, but upon gathering all of our baggage, it became immediately apparent that it was not going to be enough…the four of us have 15 bags. We jammed everything into the cars and embarked into the darkness to find our Turkish abode for the next month. It took longer than it should have… after a meal, and a beer, we all crawled to bed in our jet lagged stupor some time around 3 am. I awoke at 2pm.

Denver airport bathroom self portrait



Istanbul sunset

Antalya, Turkey airport

Antalya, 2 rental cars, 4 people, 15 bags

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