Turkish delights…Limestone

This is the first morning that I have awoken properly. I think that my body has recovered from the long travel, and is beginning to adapt to the difference in time. This morning is beautiful. The air is cool, but the sun is warming up the world quickly. This is a special place, and there is magic here. Everything that we have seen thus far has amazed us, the people, the food, and the landscape. Last night as I was shoveling my dinner into my face, the chef came and sat next to me with his meal. He is Italian, but lives here as a climber and part time cook. We were eating the food he made, pasta arraibata. It was rich and very tasty, red sauce with fresh Turkish olives. He says, “You know, one of the Turkish ways is, ‘slowly, slowly.’ It can be very important, very special if you think about it for a while” I paused. I could hear the lesson. Slowly, slowwwwwwly, slooooooooooowwwwwwwwly. I told myself, “you don’t have anywhere to be but here. Breathe in, breathe deep. Taste the olives.” They were so tasty.

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